“Hypnosis is a like a big learning state of mind. It’s very similar to the imprinting phase of our lives so 0-7 years old where everything you learn at that times goes at an unconscious level, you’re basically learning very very quickly. So when I put someone into a trance, it’s basically putting them back into that state of mind, putting their conscious critical mind that you develop later in life … to sleep.” – Isaac Lomman, Hypnotist.

When someone says hypnosis, you’re bound to think of those comedy shows where ‘unsuspecting’ participants are made to do hilarious and embarrassing things,  but hypnosis has a long history, one in which also involves therapy alongside entertainment.

Wavelength sat down with Adelaide Fringe entertainer and hypnotist, Isaac Lomman, to see if the magician (okay, okay, hypnotist) will reveal his tricks. So are you a believer or a sceptic when it comes to hypnosis?

Air Date: March 26, 2018
Reporter: Jovanna Pantelic
Photo: Isaac Lomman 

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