“Couple of family members passed away in custody…what happened? What really happened?” – Quentin Agais, Ngadjuri Elder

30 years on since the 1991 report into Indigenous deaths in custody and the preceding Royal Commission looking into the issue, we are still seeing a startlingly high number of these deaths. Since the start of March, we’ve seen 7 First Nations people pass away in custody. Incarceration rates are also an issue, with data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing Aboriginal people are incarcerated at 13 times the rate of their non-Indigenous counterparts. So why is this still happening and what can be done to change it? Tammy Franks MLC, a Member of the Greens in the SA Parliament, and Quentin Agais, a Ngadjuri Elder who runs aboriginal culture tours on the Yorke Peninsula and other parts of the state, spoke with us about the issue, and what we can do to help.

Meanwhile, we sat down to chat with Dr Guy Turnbull, the Lead Entrepreneur and Co-Director at Rapid Enterprise Development, as well as store owner Charlie Stone, to chat about their efforts to help Adelaide’s disabled community to build their own businesses. Also on the show, we look into just when we can expect international travel to open back up. To wrap up, we look into the major stories of the week and put a smile on your dial in Heaps Good News. Tune in!

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Airdate: May 03, 2021

Reporters: Jamie Bucirde, Jarad Andrew McLoughlin, Amila Dedovic, Paul Tomczyk & Hamish Kearvell

Photo: Unsplash

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