“Focusing on those who matter most and giving them the attention they deserve is probably a really key element [this year] because why do multiple things … half arsed when you can do one thing really really well?” – Stuart Duckworth, RCC Creative Director.

It was a right royal faux pas and a flop festival in China that looked like the death of our beloved Royal Croquet Club but rolling into the new year, the ever popular Adelaide Fringe venue is back and packing a lineup with more punch than ever.

When the RCC’s parent company, The Social Creative, ventured into the Chinese market last year, the company was forced into voluntary admission. An event initiated by the Adelaide City Council, the showcase at the Chinese beer festival lost over $1 million and it’s expansion left the future of RCC in doubt.

RCC creative director, Stuart Duckworth, and program director, Sasha Zahara, spoke to Wavelength about lessons learned and how they’ve defied the odds and bounced back with one of the biggest lineups in RCC’s short sweet history.

Air Date: February 19, 2018
Reporter: David Simmons
Photo: Facebook / Royal Croquet Club

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