“We need to be creating an environment where people employ more people and we want to create an environment where people are encouraged to create their own business and their own enterprise.” – Corey Wingard, State Liberal MP.

With South Australia’s unemployment rate more than double the national average, it’s fair to say we have a problem. But what’s not included in these figures is the rate of underemployment which is a major problem within itself.

Underemployment is the condition in which people in the labour force are employed at a rate that is inadequate to their training or economic needs. It’s where yes you’re employed but are only being employed minimum casual hours and still need to rely on Youth Allowance and Centrelink in order to just scrape by. It’s estimated that around 10 per cent of the workforce is underemployed in South Australia and it’s a huge problem particularly surrounding students and young people.

Wavelength heard your cries for help and sat down with State Liberal MP Corey Wingard, Business SA’s Anthony Penny and Josh Cullinan from the Retail Workers Union to work out how to tackle this rising issue.

Air Date: March 19, 2018
Reporter: David Simmons
Photo: Unsplash 

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