“We have to start looking at those cultural influences that actually create an environment where violence against women is still sometimes excused” – Liam Dooley, White Ribbon Australia

Violence against women has been launched into the public spotlight in recent years. Wavelength examined it only a few months ago.

From a domestic environment to a public one, this issue can affect anyone. The high-profile deaths of radio worker Jill Meagher and aspiring comedian Eurydice Dixon, among countless other women around Australia, has truly sparked a national discussion about safety. Recent statistics released by Impact for Women, have shown that 66 women have died in Australia since January 2018 in violent circumstances, with the figure likely to rise.

With more people willing to speak out on the problem, the ‘Reclaim the Night‘ rally, an event which seeks to raise awareness of violence against women, has become increasingly popular in Australia. The most recent march took place in the CBD last Friday night.

So just what can we do to combat violence against women? Anne Purdy, from the ‘Reclaim the Night’ organising collective, and Liam Dooley, an executive manager from White Ribbon Australia, sat down with Wavelength to talk about the march, and the issue more broadly.

When we threw the convo to you, things got interesting. On one hand, we had one guy suggest that we should “castrate all men,” and we’re still not quite sure what he meant by that. On the other hand you had callers like Nick from Burnside who advocated for a deeper look into why these issues arise in the first place: “one of the issues we seem to be missing out is… what is the reason why men turn to violence?”

Listen to the convo below:

Air Date: October 29, 2018

Reporters: Arjuna Ganesan & Ashleigh Bagshaw

Photo: Fresh 92.7

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