“They feel like they’re ghosts…that people don’t include them as part of society” – Michael Francis, Development and Partnerships Manager – Hutt Street Centre

While many of us will be settling in for a nice Christmas dinner in just over a week, there are some that aren’t quite so fortunate.

Around South Australia, about 6,000 people per year find themselves experiencing homelessness. It’s an experience most of us can barely imagine, but it’s a very real problem. Hutt Street Centre in the CBD provides a number of services to those in this situation, including finding housing, education and even employment. They even serve around 45,000 meals every year. However as we approach the Christmas period, it’s more important than ever that those in need are provided with help, and even if it’s only temporary, why not help give a little festive joy to those who aren’t as fortunate?

So what exactly does the Hutt Street Centre do for the homeless? Are there ways to help improve their lives? Wavelength spoke with Michael Francis, the Development and Partnerships Manager at the Hutt Street Centre, to find out how we can help this Christmas.

Airdate: December 17, 2018

Reporters: Rachael Grimshaw & Luca Rego

Photo: Unsplash

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