“The first question was ‘so do you think you’re ever gonna fit in with this company?’, and I was shocked.” – Anthony, young worker

Whether it’s after completing Uni, TAFE or even an apprenticeship, joining the workforce is one of the most daunting moments in a young person’s life. Unfortunately, it’s not always a positive experience for everyone.

A new job can certainly be exciting, however excitement about the role and an eagerness to please can mean overlooking some of the negative aspects of your new workplace. Workplace bullying and mistreatment, lack of support or even more basic problems, it can make life pretty average. Laws are in place to try and combat these issues but they might not always work. So just how can you take control of your workplace experience? What are your rights? Are there any organisations that can help you to manage the relationship between you and your employer?

Wavelength spoke to Anthony about his working experience, and Rachael Seaforth, Coordinator at the Young Workers Legal Service, to find out more.

Airdate: November 26, 2018

Reporter: Rob Lawry

Photo: Unsplash

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