“They actually need to be consulting with people that work in the industry” – Courtney Duka from Five Four Entertainment 

It’s an all too common story in the media these days. Tragic deaths (predominantly due to drug-related harm) occur, politicians refuse to budge on pill testing, rinse and repeat. So what exactly are the best ways to combat the issue?

The deaths of a number of young people at festivals around the country, albeit predominantly in New South Wales, have been etched into the national consciousness over the past year. Despite increasing support around Australia for pill testing, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has consistently ruled out the measure while in SA, the government has also declared its opposition. This issue raises a number of questions. What exactly can be done to combat reduce harm at festivals? Should we be taking better care of each other at these events? Do festival organisers have more of a role to play?

Wavelength had a live chat with Courtney Duka from Five Four Entertainment about the issue, and how to take care of your mates at festivals.

When we included you in the convo, caller Ian, a father of two, suggested that authorities should consider the views of young people, and ‘talk with them’ rather than down to them. Listen in.

Airdate: February 25, 2019

Photo: Unsplash

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