“Drugs are a health issue. By treating them as a criminal issue, we actually make the health outcomes worse.” – Tammy Franks, Member of the Legislative Council, Greens SA

In September, 2 people tragically lost their lives, and 3 others were left critically ill, after suspected drug overdoses at the Defqon.1 music festival in Penrith, NSW.

The deaths have sparked a massive national debate about the merits of pill testing. In the days following the deaths, the NSW Government confirmed it was looking into how to reduce harm from drugs at festivals, however still indicated a zero tolerance approach to drugs. South Australia faces a seemingly similar situation.

Nevertheless, should pill testing be made more readily available? Are there other ways of preventing drug-related harm? Do festivals and organisers need to take more responsibility?

Courtney Duka from Five Four Entertainment, and Greens MP Tammy Franks, spoke to Wavelength about the issue.

When you joined the convo, you were reasonably divided. Tamara was all for pill-testing, while Damien thought we were “going backwards” and that the penalties for drug possession and consumption should be harsher. Listen to that convo below:

Air Date: October 22, 2018

Reporter: David Simmons

Photo: Fresh 92.7

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