“You know the amount of people that say what do you do with all this hair? And it’s like yeah we just throw it away but when we were presented with an option that you don’t have to throw it away, you can ship it out into the ocean to soak up an oil spill, I’m like yes I want to do that.” – Jodie, Nova Hair and Body Store Manager.

We all like to think we’re environmentally friendly but when we’re getting our hair styled, it’s likely we don’t think about what’s happening with our hair trimmings. But did you know they could actually help clean up oil spills our oceans?

In Australia, our hairdressing industry contributes more that two kilos of waste to landfill each year.  Sustainable Salons is the initiative taking place across the hairdressing, beauty and pet grooming sectors in Australia and New Zealand as part of the journey towards zero waste. They collect the salon scraps that would otherwise end up as landfill and recycle them into something new and beneficial for the environment and community.

Wavelength spoke to Emma, the manager for the Sustainable Salons South Australian branch, and Nova Hair and Body Manager, Jodie, whose business participates in this initiative, to find out how our hairdressing waste can be reduced.

Air Date: April 9, 2018
Reporter: Ashleigh Bagshaw
Photo: Unsplash


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