Monday, July 17 2017

Our society seems to be obsessed with the paranormal. Lately, there seems to be a surge of supernatural books, movies and TV shows gracing our screens…but why are we so fascinated by it?

Laura hit the streets to ask people about their experiences with the paranormal. She also sat down with paranormal researcher, Alison Oborn, about our intrigue and why it has become such a phenomenon right here in South Australia.

While some of us are skeptical about the possibility of these things, especially with scientists having a firm belief that it is merely the human imagination and there is always a logical, science-based reason for these occurrences, 88% of Australians still believe in the paranormal, with 70% having had at least one personal encounter.

What we know for sure, though, is that although there might never be definitive proof of their existence, the paranormal will continue to intrigue us, excite us, and terrify us! Listen to Laura’s story below.

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