In case you missed it, we’ve just uploaded the third episode of our awesome new show Wavelength! This week the gang bring you four exceptional stories straight from the streets of our city:

What are the best strategies to keep yourself safe when you’re out on the town? Laura talks to self-defence experts, club promoters and clubbers to find out what you can do to make sure your epic night doesn’t place you in danger.

How does Adelaide deal with the serious issue of homelessness? Vicki visits the Hutt Street Centre to talk to people living rough on Adelaide’s streets, and tells you how you can volunteer to help through organisations like Fred’s Van and Aus Harvest.

Who is Emma Hack, and why has she established an art prize in her name? Shannon meets the Adelaide artist who is putting her own money into a prize to support young Adelaide artists. The Emma Hack Art Prize is now in its second year, and aims to raise the profile of emerging artistic talent in our city. Shannon also meets the first ever winner of the prize – a glass-blower with a unique view of beauty.

Finally, imagine you’re a cowboy lost in the city of Adelaide on a Friday night. You want to have fun, but naturally you want to lose your rodeo skills while you’re away from the ranch. Fortunately for you, Callum is here to help. The mechanical bull (originally at The Woolshed, and now at their sister venue The Black Bull) is the perfect way to round out a big night. Callum speaks to the man who runs the show, and to the people who live for the ride.

So have a listen, and get in touch with the issues that matter to you – out listeners!

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