“We worry too much about their feelings rather than our own.” – Ebonie Sanderson

In an age where we get to meet people online and offline, women have encountered situations where they may find it difficult to turn someone down. Whether it’s on dating apps, in the club or at work, a reluctance to voice discomfort is not uncommon. So even though we’ve seen progress in society, why are women still afraid to say no? Ebonie Sanderson talks about her nightmare Tinder experience, where she was harassed after letting someone know she wasn’t interested. To try and understand what pushes people to lash out after rejection, we talked to professor Christine Beasley about the issue.

Also on the show, we take a look at ‘Spectrum’ – an app that allows LGBTQI+ people to rate venues based on their experiences and confirm that safe spaces are living up to their word. Co-Founders Matt Fiacchi and Tish Tambakau joined us to give us a run-down of all the features and support it can provide for the community. We also keep you up to speed on what’s been going in politics and let you know the latest news about coronavirus. To balance out the stories that make you feel sad, there’s Heaps Good News. Listen to stay informed!

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Airdate: October 26, 2020

Reporters: Amila Dedovic, Hamish Kearvell, Adrian Garcia Rodriguez & Andrew Showell.

Photo: Unsplash

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