“Emergency rooms are incredibly over-capacity…they’re really [at] crisis point” – Dr. Lane

The Emergency Department. It’s a magical place that many people reckon is the one-stop shop for all their medical issues, and as a result these departments are often stretched thin while trying to offer care. While there are cases in which visiting the emergency room is absolutely critical, health authorities are finding some people simply go for basic issues which could be dealt with by a GP. So what should you do if you’re concerned about your health? When is or isn’t it appropriate to go to emergency? Our favourite healer Dr. Lane came by the studio to chat about the issue.

Meanwhile, Five Four Entertainment has become a major name in the Adelaide music scene in the past couple of years, having recently opened the Lion Arts Factory (formerly Fowlers Live), and even helping Tkay Maidza break into the industry. We have a chat to them about their story. Also this week, the three day ‘Broken Heel‘ festival, which celebrates the anniversary of the hit 1994 movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, has just wrapped up in Broken Hill. We made our way up there to see how the festival is celebrating diversity in Australia.

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Airdate: September 16, 2019

Reporters: Luca Rego & Adrian Garcia Rodriguez  

Photo: Unsplash