“I just remember driving back into town, and it was like driving through a nuclear wasteland. We found out a couple of different friends had lost their home.” – Anonymous

A bushfire can strike at any moment. In the suburbs, we often don’t feel the need to think about what we’d do in the event of a bushfire – it’ll never get us all the way down here, right? However, when the Sampson Flat Bushfires struck in 2015, families from suburbs around Golden Grove and Tea Tree Gully were forced to evacuate. With the sweltering heat Adelaide has been suffering this summer, there’s no guarantee something like this won’t happen again.

“Prepare, Act, Survive” is the motto of the CFS, and as Chief Community Engagement Officer Penny Kazla told Wavelength, preparedness is key: “If people don’t understand they’re at risk, they don’t prepare.”

You can use the CFS website to help you create a Bushfire Action Plan. Having the plan is an important step, but sticking to it is even more important – as Penny explains below, indecisiveness in the event of a bushfire is what can take people’s lives.

Wavelength also spoke to someone who was caught off-guard during the Black Tuesday Eyre Peninsula fires in 2005. Her story is a harrowing one; she describes seeing a “massive cloud boiling over the hills” behind her, and having no idea a bushfire was even happening.

The CFS website is the best place for easy resources to help you prepare for the event of a bushfire – hit them up!

Air Date: February 5, 2018
Reporter: Holly Dundon
Photo: Unsplash

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