“Now is the time for the mullet to make a comeback…it’s time that us men grew our hair loud and proud” – David, Wavelength contributor 

Ah yes, the mullet. One of the world’s most divisive hairstyles. But do they still belong in 2019, or should they continue to be socially derided?

As far as hair goes, everyone these days seem to be doing something funky, with alternative colours, cuts and styles all becoming pretty much accepted, but the mullet still remains one of the most controversial hair styles. Many Footy players still rep them, actors will grow them out (Tom Hiddleston as Loki anyone?) and people will simply grow them ironically, all to varying degrees of success. So is it time people gave the mullet a break? Should they be acceptable in 2019? Are they attractive, or a bit of a no-go?

Wavelength’s very own David, along with Fresh Brekky host Loz, came through to speak about their pro-mullet views. However, on the streets of Adelaide, opinions were a bit more mixed.

Airdate: February 18, 2019

Reporter: Ashleigh Bagshaw

Photo: Wikimedia

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