“If you’re being watched all the time, you do change your behaviour…that’s not a good thing for society” – Dr Sal Humphreys

With technology playing an increasingly major role in our lives, it’s no surprise that privacy becomes a bit of an issue. While governments and organisations claim they’re dedicated to protecting our data, it seems that there’s constantly stories about our information being used for things like marketing and national security purposes, often without us knowing. With so much of our lives happening in the digital realm, should we be regarding our online privacy as a human right? Can we do anything about it? We sat down with Dr Sal Humphreys to chat about how our data is being used and whether we can minimise what’s being collected, while Tom Sulston, the Deputy Chair of Digital Rights Watch, also spoke to us about the legal side of things and the importance of privacy.

Meanwhile, with the Government urging Australians to self-isolate and practice social distancing as much as possible amid the Coronavirus crisis, how can we take care of our mental health? Associate Professor Lydia Woodyatt spoke to us about the issue and what we can do if we’re stuck inside for a while. And in Wavelength Explains this week, things are constantly evolving due to to Coronavirus, including South Australian borders being shut to interstate visitors. We give you the latest on this rapidly changing situation.

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Airdate: March 23, 2020

Reporters: Andrew Showell, Amila Dedovic & Anthony Cox 

Photo: Unsplash