“You just gotta get yourself out there, whether it’s online or in person…but not too out there” – Dr Amy Moten, SHINE SA

It feels like we’ve been in isolation forever, and being stuck at home makes dating just that bit trickier. As we can’t really be meet in person, a lot of dating apps including Bumble are reporting increased activity, with virtual interaction becoming the go to way for people to get to know each other. So how do we go about dating in this COVID-19 and self-isolation era? What should we know on the safety side of things? We spoke with SHINE SA’s Amy Moten, the organisation’s Coordinator of Medical Education, as well as dating expert (we believe) Te Rina Taite, to answer these burning questions. We also listen in as a virtual date kicks off. Will it lead to something more? Listen in!

Also on the show, the gay panic defence is no longer a thing in every Australian state and territory, except for SA. With the state government still yet to repeal it, and this month marking the anniversary of the death of Dr George Duncan, why is this defence still in place and able to be used? We spoke with Will Sergeant (aka Dr Gertrude Glossip), a member of this year’s Feast Festival Artistic Advisory Committee, to find out more. Meanwhile, Heaps Good News takes you through the brighter side of things this week, and we give you the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as states begin to ease restrictions.

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Airdate: May 18, 2020

Reporters: Sam Talbot, Andrew Showell, Amila Dedovic & Anthony Cox

Photo: Pexels