The government are putting young people into homelessness, not helping  and treating us like criminals” – Jemah Finn 

This week, We interview Jemma Finn an Adelaide writer who was left homeless and stranded on the South Australian boarder after losing her job due to misinformation she received from SA health.  Meanwhile, we give you a rundown on the Melbourne protests and what the potential fallout will be.

Also, on the show we discuss the new nuclear submarines putting Adelaide on the global spotlight.  We deep dive into Chinas, New Zealand, and United States response and what it could mean for Adelaide.  To top off all the news, we keep you in the loop on Australians Earthquake, new dancing laws and Eminem’s Mums Spaghetti

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Airdate: September 27, 2021

Reporters: David Simmons & Hamish Kearvell

Photo: Unsplash

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