“None of us have done this before so it’s pretty terrifying and exciting at the same time” – Anne from The Lab

COVID-19’s taken a bat to local businesses over the last year, but in defiance of this global pandemic we’re all living through, a number of new venues are popping up all over Adelaide and are actually doing pretty well. So what’s their secret? How are they setting themselves apart from the competition and how are they operating amidst the Coronavirus pandemic? Wilson from Good GilbertOlivia from LOC and Anne from The Lab each gave us the lowdown on their new joints, and what’s new in Adelaide’s nightlife.

Meanwhile, it’s a story you may not have heard about but it’s definitely an important issue. The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is currently in a stoush with the State Government over resources, with no end in sight. We spoke with Max Adlam, Secretary at the United Firefighters Union of South Australia, to get some more insight. Also this week, we delve into the alleged assault at Funtea and the controversy surrounding the situation. We also look at some uplifting stories and examine what the hell’s been going on in the news this week. Listen in!

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Airdate: February 15, 2021

Reporters: Jamie Bucirde, Arjuna Ganesan & Hamish Kearvell

Photo: Unsplash

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