We’re one of the last countries in the world to have our population vaccinated.” – Labor MP Mr Steve Georganas

While South Australians endured a week of lockdown to keep COVID-19 at bay, our neighbours have not been so lucky. Just recently, Queensland went into a snap lockdown and Melbourne announced the extension of their own lockdown. As all Aussies face this strong sense of deja vu, we can only ask one question – how is this still happening? We talked to Labor MP Steve Georganas about where Australia’s pandemic strategy has fallen short and why the vaccine rollout has been so painfully slow. As New South Wales continues to report hundreds of cases a day, the nation is on high alert as the Delta strain spreads across the state. So what is our pathway out of this and when will Australia see the light at the end of the tunnel? Professor Nigel McMillan from Griffith University divulges all the details about our roadmap to freedom. 

Also on the show, we deep dive into the music world and look into how restrictions have impacted musicians. While the AFL could continue with 15,000 spectators, limits on dancing and live music put the industry to a screeching halt. Frustrated by the lack of communication and support from the government, Motez shares his experiences. And to wrap up the show, we give you a rundown on what’s been going on this week and share some Heaps Good News. 

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Airdate: August 2, 2021

Reporters: Hamish Kearvell, Jamie Bucirde & Amila Dedovic

Photo: Fresh 92.7

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