It’s about action, not reaction’ – Hayley Brown Vacayit

Wavelength is back, sparking the convos Adelaide should be having. We have missed you! But don’t worry, we are back with a brand-new team, sound, and a whole lot of new stories. This week we have Cass, Grace and Alex taking you through some fantastic stories.

Have you noticed lettuce, electricity, petrol and other household items significantly increasing in price? We discuss the cost-of-living crisis: Cass speaks with Scott Keeley from Wakefield Partners about how it directly affects young people in South Australia and what people can expect through this time. Not only that, but Amber also speaks with Greg Pattinson the CEO of Foodbank about people struggling in SA and what we can do to help.

Meanwhile, one of our new journalists Grace speaks with Hayley Brown the CEO and founder of Vacayit, a company that allows blind or low-vision tourists to be immersed in their holiday.

Also on the show, we have Ciaran exploring the history and renovations of the new Gawler line in Wavo Explains, and Cass goes through all the good news stories of the week.

Listen to Wavelength live and join the convos about Adelaide you should be having, Monday night fortnightly from 6.15 pm on Fresh 92.7.

Airdate: July 4, 2022

Reporters: Cassandra Johns, Alex Newman, Amber Young, Ciarán Moffatt and Grace Smith

Photo: Unsplash

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