“The anxiety…around climate change is based a lot on not feeling like there’s a way forward” – Jamie Dunn, Extinction Rebellion

Climate change is becoming an increasingly important issue for people around the world, and it’s no surprise this global environmental change is making many anxious. Thousands of scientists have slammed Australia for its climate inaction, and new data has revealed that four out of five Aussie students are anxious about climate change. Even Prince Harry says he and wife Meghan may only have a maximum of two kids due to the prospect of the changing environment. So what exactly is ‘climate anxiety’, and how do we mentally deal with the new world we may face? David Carlin, author of The After-Normal, spoke with Wavelength about the issue. Jamie Dunn from Extinction Rebellion also sat down with us to discuss why this anxiety is so prevalent.

Meanwhile, with White Ribbon Australia going into liquidation, what’s being done to continue the fight against domestic violence? We spoke with Arman Abrahimzadeh, a White Ribbon Australia ambassador and Adelaide City Councillor, who’s no stranger to the cruelty of violent relationships. Also on the show, is Tinder dead? The app was a pioneer in the dating world when it launched but since then, loads of apps have joined the market to compete. We hit the streets of Adelaide to get your thoughts.

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Airdate: November 11, 2019

Reporters: David Simmons, Kelly Hughes & Adrian Rodriguez

Photo: Unsplash