“I think we’re going to be in a dire situation if it is 20 years more until there’s any increase” – Jeff Borland, Professor of Economics (University of Melbourne)

With the government announcing a raise to JobSeeker (formerly known as NewStart) for the first time since 1994, welfare groups have been left dissatisfied with the $25 weekly increase. To get to the bottom of whether the implementation is reasonable, we talked to Dr Jeff Borland from the University of Melbourne about how raising the rate to $125 per week would still provide people with an incentive to find work. And for those who are young and out of home, it can often be difficult to receive assistance as the system looks at the income of your parents or partner. So even if you don’t receive financial support from them, why is Centrelink still turning you away? We deep dive into the gaps within the system with AUWU Spokesperson Kristin O’Connell.

Also on the show, we look into courses that treat mental health just as importantly as our physical health. Much like the first-aid courses we are given as children and adults, there are now courses which offer training for the public to deal with incidents of mental health. Talking to Dr Claire Kelly from Mental Health First Aid Australia, we discuss how this can help us become better equipped when stressful situations arise. Meanwhile, digital art has found its place online, with artist Beeple selling their original piece of work for $69 million. While it sounds absurd, we give you all the details on how this market has took off. To try and make you smile, we wrap up the show with all the good news happening right now!

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Airdate: March 15, 2021

Reporters: Amila Dedovic, Arjuna Ganesan, David Simmons & Hamish Kearvell

Photo: Unsplash

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