We founded Car Next Door to help reduce carbon admissions, for every 1 car that is shared 10 are taken off the road’- Will Davies, Car Next Door

Following the recent border opening in South Australia and Adelaide becoming no longer a Covid free state, David and Hamish digest and discuss what the boarders opening looks like for South Australians.

We talk to the CEO of Car Next Door, the future of car sharing as we know it. Car next door is committed to suitability and have the facts to prove it, Cass our new spunky recruit talks to Will Davies about how the company started, the future of the car industry and how their company is proactively lowering carbon admissions. That is not all, we also talk to Charlton Gunn an enthusiastic user of the company about his own experiences and takeaways.

Hamish lets you know what’s been happening this week, new covid strains, the ongoing trouble in the coalition and private hospitals around the state making calls to ban the unvaccinated and as well as children under 12 to attempt to lower the risk of danger within high-risk places.

And as journalists, David and Hamish express their disgust for the recent article criticising a Channel 7 journalist for not properly researching the new album by Adele before interviewing her. And finally, David speaks to Dr Lang about world AIDS day and reflect on how truly awful AIDs is and how important it is in our modern history.

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Airdate: November 29, 2021

Reporters: David Simmons, Hamish Kearvell & Cassandra Johns

Photo: Unsplash

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