“Because I’m a small business…I was able to quickly steer my ship in a new direction” – Genevieve Hodge-Cardini, Spire Coaching

The COVID-19 pandemic is having dramatic impacts on our society in terms of health, but small businesses are also struggling massively due to operating and social distancing restrictions. Although cases may be going down by the day, it may still be some time before businesses can return to normal operating. So just how are they coping with the restrictions placed upon them and how can they survive to the other side of this crisis? We spoke to Genevieve Hodge-Cardini from Spire Coaching about how she’s adapted her business to the online space during the pandemic. Stephanie Magliani and Lincoln Smith from Norman Waterhouse also gave us the lowdown on the legal side of things, and how businesses can get through this crisis.

Meanwhile, Doha Khan is seeking election to the Adelaide City Council at the age of Eighteen, which if successful, will make her the youngest person to sit on the Council. We caught up with her to talk about her bid and ideals, as well as Stephanie Richards from InDaily to discuss how it all works. Also on the show, there’s increasingly positive signs here in SA and around Australia that we’re dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. We give you the very latest on the constantly evolving situation. Listen in!

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Airdate: May 4, 2020

Reporters: Arjuna Ganesan, Sam Talbot, Amy Vogelsang & Andrew Showell 

Photo: Unsplash