“The devastation is quite large scale…the intensity of those fires is causing a loss of biodiversity” – Andrew Walker, AirSeed Technologies 

Summer can always be an extreme time, but the one just gone has well and truly taken the cake. Bushfires have devastated much of the country during the past few months, particularly here in South Australia at Cudlee Creek and on Kangaroo Island. With recent heavy rains helping to extinguish the inferno in the eastern states, we’re now left to wonder how we recover and how we can stop this from happening again. To find out, we sat down with Paul Dare from FireFlight about how the company is helping firefighters through aerial mapping of bushfire scenes. Andrew Walker from AirSeed Technologies also gave us the lowdown on how they’re using drones to give the devastated environment a kick-start.

Also on the show, and now in it’s fourth year, AdMentel gives Uni students the opportunity to create an ad surrounding mental health issues. We had a chat with contestant Dallas Rogers about the initiative, and what it means to him. We also spoke with Jamie Scott, the Managing Director of Showpony Advertising, who says advertising can be a useful tool to tackle these issues. Meanwhile with the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) crisis deepening, Wavelength Explains how it’s affecting society and in-particular the music industry. A lot of festivals are being cancelled or postponed, but why exactly?

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Airdate: March 16, 2020

Reporters: Hamish Kearvell, David Simmons, Amila Dedovic & Andrew Showell 

Photo: Unsplash