“We still wanted to be that ‘better fast food,’ we just didn’t see that happening… with the beef.” – Dan Mendelson, Burger Theory co-founder

Burger Theory was the food truck that started Adelaide’s food truck revolution, and the burger restaurant that started Adelaide’s burger revolution. Now, boutique burger joints are on pretty much every street corner of the CBD, and the Burger Theory formula has been replicated over and over again. However, the Burger Theory team have kicked off 2018 by introducing some radical changes to their menu – and Adelaideans have very mixed feelings about the new Burger Theory.

Beef is gone. Chicken is gone. Apart from one vegetarian alternative, Burger Theory’s entire menu has been replaced with a patty made from mostly Kangaroo meat. Their motive? As founder Dan Mendelson explained to Wavelength, they believe Kangaroo is a lot better for the environment.

Listen below to hear Burger Theory talk to Wavelength about why they made the change, the myths around kangaroo meat they’re hoping to debunk, and why they’ve made another change to the menu that doesn’t quite fit into their new sustainability angle.

Air Date: January 29, 2018
Reporter: Bridget Kerry
Photo: Facebook / Burger Theory

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