““I know if I had been offered help a bit earlier, I wouldn’t have gone down such a severe route myself. I wouldn’t have put my family through so much as well.” – Zahn Anthony

In an Orygen survey of 749 AIS-supported athletes, one in five reported they sought treatment for a mental health problem. With a clear need for elite athletes to be supported, what is being done to help them? We delve into athletes’ experiences by chatting with rugby player and breakthrough Foundation ambassador Zahn Anthony. Representing the voice of the local community, we also talk to Mental Health Commissioner John Mannion about the problems in the system and what more needs to be done so early intervention is accessible.

Also on the show, we delve into the Afghanistan War and explain Australia’s role in the conflict. Offering 3,000 spots in the humanitarian visa program, the nation has been criticised for falling short when allies like Canada and Britain are offering up to 20,000 additional visas for civilians trying to flee from the Taliban regime. We also give you a run down on what the hell has been going on this week – from the lockdown in Victoria to OnlyFans banning porn, there’s always new drama to cover. Listen in!

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Airdate: August 23, 2021

Reporters: Jamie Bucirde, Hamish Kearvell & David Simmons

Photo: Unsplash

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