“If people are feeling worried and not happy about their body it is certainly worthwhile going in and having a discussion, even if it’s not necessary for them to lose weight” – Dr Lane

Regular guest Dr Lane is back to chat about all things healthy when it comes to weight loss and dieting with Wavelength. The chat discusses some common myths and questions surrounding how best to lose weight, gain weight and how to balance dietary options. Everybody is different and it’s important to keep a look out regularly to how we are feeling, often because symptoms can be subtle or disregarded as common afflictions.

Dr Lane also outlines some important things to watch out for in the case of diabetes and the right way to go about losing weight; “if you are putting in more energy than you are putting out, you are most likely putting on weight.”

Listeners peppered Dr Lane with experimentations and fads that somehow, we all seem to fall for, but are they safe and should we give them a go? Have a listen to what Wavelength delved into below;

Air Date: November 19, 2018

Reporter: Zane Dean

Photo: Zane Dean

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