“It’s very common that people come in, they’re worried about something –either an appearance or they’re worried they’re having some pain or a symptom and they’ve often done a little bit of research on google as well do, and freak themselves out.” – Dr. Lane

It’s an awkward conversation and an awkward topic, but it’s a necessary one. Sexual health, especially in the modern day with the increase of sexual activity and experimentation at younger ages, is particularly prominent.

Dr. Lane is here to talk with Wavelength about the common questions and issues he encounters on a daily basis as a practicing doctor. His discussion surrounds the younger demographics’ questions about contraception, debunking STI myths and healthy behaviour regarding testing.

Ever been too afraid to ask something? Chances are there are plenty of others thinking the same thing, and your question just might be answered. Have a listen to Dr. Lane and Wavelength have an honest and down to earth chat about sex.

Air Date: October 23, 2018 

Reporter: Zane Dean 

Photo: Zane Dean 


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