“If you want to be a graduate who is employable, you need to get those extra skills yourself” – Ashley, final-year Journalism Student

As many Uni students will know, internships are often a compulsory part of any course, and are usually key to securing a permanent position. But are they always helpful?

Internships can be a stressful time for those undertaking them. While they certainly can help you learn some crucial skills, they aren’t always a positive experience for a variety of reasons, including financial and personal strain, with workplace bullying being a potential issue for many. While you certainly need the relevant experience, does an internship, particularly unpaid, create more trouble than it’s worth? Universities are increasingly attempting to merge practical experience with traditional coursework to assist their students.

So are internships actually worthwhile these days? Could Universities help provide more experience themselves?  Is there a personal toll? Wavelength sat down to speak with Amber, a nursing graduate, and Ashley, a final-year Journalism student, to find out more.

Airdate: November 12, 2018

Reporter: Ashleigh Bagshaw

Photo: Unsplash

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