“It’s so bad in Adelaide…I’d go as far as saying everyone has one mate that can probably get it” – Former Methamphetamine addict

Adelaide is now a worldwide leader in something but not, unfortunately, for the right reasons. According to a new study, our city has the highest rate of methamphetamine use among nearly 120 cities studied worldwide. It’s a massive issue that can be damaging to individuals and their friends and families. So just how big is this issue? Does mental health play a part in this, and are there any ways to help solve the problem? We spoke with a former addict about their story and turning their life around. Professor Jason White, Head of the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at UniSA, and Dr Wingfield from the Royal Adelaide Hospital, also gave us their thoughts on the problem.

Meanwhile, the SA Young Achiever Awards have given us another standout individual who is making people’s lives better with technology. We catch up with Sean Grealy, the 2019 winner, who is helping to connect families through Care Konnect. Also this week, we all know just how fun it can be arguing with others in online comment sections. With people becoming increasingly divided on a range of issues, ‘OK Boomer’ is quickly becoming the new meme for younger generations in digital debates. We went out onto the streets to get your thoughts on the new catchcry.

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Airdate: November 25, 2019

Reporters: Kelly Hughes, Adrian Rodriguez, Zane Dean, Hamish Kearvell & Bridget Kerry

Photo: Unsplash