“The trick is to do something…that makes people go ‘what is that?’ – Peter Drew, Street Artist

‘Soup Soup Soup’. You may have seen those very words on stickers right around Adelaide and you’d be justified in being a little confused. The street art scene here is currently perplexed by the new stickers and so this week we take a deep dive into the issue. Google search extraordinaire James put us on the trail before speaking with a range of people to work out just what’s going on, featuring such interesting folk as Peter Drew before finally chatting with Soup himself. What exactly is he up to? What’s the reasoning behind ‘Soup Soup Soup’?  Listen in to find out!

Meanwhile, we’ve all been sorely missing going out and seeing some riveting theatre performances. Everything’s been put on hold thanks to the Coronavirus, but a new show from the State Theatre Company is set to draw us out of our creative slumber. We sat down with Catherine Fitzgerald, the director of Gaslight, to discuss the exciting new play. Also on the show, we walk you through the latest goings on of the global COVID-19 pandemic and see what’s making news on the brighter side of life in Heaps Good News.

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Airdate: September 07, 2020

Reporters: Sam Talbot, Jamie Bucirde & Arjuna Ganesan

Photo: Unsplash

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