We’re known as the Festival State, but why are we also known as one of the most annoying festival markets in comparison to other states around the nation?

Many festivals are quick to cancel out Adelaide as a destination, with Listen Out joining the bandwagon this year. Nonetheless, we still have a successful festival scene that brings us some of the dopest artists to our city.

Fresh spoke to the Creative Director of Unsound Adelaide, David Sefton, about what makes Adelaide successful in this market.

“Adelaide has that very dedicated, very attentive, audience that are looking for what’s going on,” David says.

Adelaide, he says, is one of the most annoying markets, with the commercial sector thinking that people are more likely to travel interstate, particularly to Melbourne.

However, live music is a big deal here, employing over 4000 people across the year. We have 330 live music venues and it generates around $12.8 million a year.

Fresh also spoke to WOMAD’s Program Director, Annette Tripodi, and SA Premier Jay Weatherill, on how festivals contribute to the city economically and culturally.