“The big issue for us has been access for rural and regional women…[they] have to travel to Adelaide” – Barbara Baird, South Australian Abortion Action Coalition 

It’s never an easy time when one decides to have an abortion, but it’s becoming apparent that accessing the procedure can be incredibly challenging. Laws surrounding the issue are a bit of a tangled web and are constantly changing around Australia, but despite it being legal here in SA, it seems women are struggling to actually get that option. So how can we improve access to abortions and what are some of the current issues women face? We spoke with someone who found the process so drawn out that she ultimately decided to keep her child, as well as Barbara Baird from the South Australian Abortion Action Coalition to find out about the legal side of things.

Also on the show, the SA Film Corporation has just launched the second round of its Games Innovation Fund, with game developers encouraged to apply. We spoke with Beth Heate from the SAFC, as well as Vee Pendergrast, a consultant for the fund, about what it entails and how it could be a game changer for the local industry. Meanwhile, Wavelength Explains the latest developments on the Coronavirus and how it’s affecting our lives.

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Airdate: April 6, 2020

Reporters:  Adrian Rodriguez, Andrew Showell & Anthony Cox

Photo: Unsplash