“We’re saying the government is not doing its job…it’s not protecting us” – Peta, Extinction Rebellion

Protesting. Whether it’s bringing busy city streets to a standstill, activists on farmland or even major demonstrations in Hong Kong, it’s become a controversial topic throughout Australia. Many are concerned and sometimes annoyed when these protests disrupt their daily lives, and it raises the question of whether there is actually a ‘right’ way to protest. So just what lengths are these activist groups willing to go to to get their message heard? Peta from Extinction Rebellion, an organisation looking to raise major awareness of climate change, dropped by the studio to for a chat. We also talked with Maddy Edhouse from the National Union of Students, about last week’s student climate rally in Adelaide.

Meanwhile, Alex Hosking. Maybe not a name you know, but you’ve definitely heard her influence on some major international tunes, including some that have been airing on Fresh recently. She came in to talk about her story. Also this week, usually you’d go out to a gig or the movies with others right? Well it seems more and more people are heading out by themselves for some well-earned me time. So do you go out solo? Is there still a stigma around heading out by yourself? We hit the streets of Adelaide to get your thoughts.

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Airdate: August 12, 2019

Reporters: David Simmons, Amila Dedovic, Zane Dean & Andrew Showell 

Photo: Fresh 92.7

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