Live music is such an amazing thing and it’s so infectious and when you go you realise why you should be going but if you’re not going you don’t know what you’re missing out on.” – Shanelle Franklin, Jam Live.

Listening to music through speakers and headphones is great, watching a music video is awesome but nothing beats the real live thing. There aren’t any shows around in Australia that

Presented by SA radio personality (and former Freshie) Shanelle Franklin, Jam LIVE, Adelaide’s only local music show, will bring live performances from gigs all around Adelaide, introducing viewers to brand new artists and showcasing performances from well-known faves that don’t need any introduction.

With artists like Safia and Regurgatator there is no shortage of acts around Adelaide with Jam Live capturing their best live performances as ‘a fly on the wall.’

Wavelength spoke to Shanelle Franklin from Jam LIVE to get her take on what the show is really about and why a show like this is so important for Adelaide.

Air Date: June 25, 2018
Reporter: Zane Dean
Photo: Zane Dean

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