“Essentially, it leads to people going without things they very desperately need” – Caitlin Fox, Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union

In recent weeks, Australian politics has been dominated by discussion on the Newstart Allowance. The payment varies depending on individual circumstances, but usually leaves recipients still struggling to make ends meet, and can quite often be cancelled without notice. While PM Scott Morrison says it can’t, and won’t, be done, a number of government MPs have broken ranks and called for a rise to the payment. So are people truly getting a fair go on the Newstart Allowance? Why are people being pursued for supposed debts? We spoke to Caitlin Fox from the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union and Terry Carney, a Melbourne Law Professor, to find out more about the issue. A caller who is currently being pursued for over $20,000 worth of debt also shared his story.

Also this week, Rumpus is a theatre collective aiming to reinvigorate Adelaide’s arts scene. Mad March brings a major boost to the city, but for the rest of the year, it can be difficult for shows to make an impact. Wavelength sat down with Rebecca Mayo from Rumpus to find out more about the collective. Meanwhile, public transport in Adelaide hardly has the best reputation; a common complaint being fares are too high. With a recent increase in travel fees, along with the news the state government plans to privatise train and tram operations, we hit the streets of Adelaide to see how you’re coping with the latest fee hike.

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Airdate: August 19, 2019

Reporters: Amila Dedovic, Arjuna Ganesan, Adrian Garcia Rodriguez & Madison White

Photo: Unsplash

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