Tonight on Wavelength we look at the Sammy D foundation and alcohol-fuelled violence. the 100th anniversary of Scouts SA and the Drone Racing going down at the Royal Adelaide Show!
We also throw back to one of our most popular stories on selfies. What do they mean to you?

Drinking alcohol can be fun, but there is a dangerous side to its consumption. Shannon spoke to a father who lost his son to alcohol fueled violence, a senior sergeant from SA Police about their latest campaign, and a spokesman from Drug and Alcohol Services SA about the connection between drinking and risky behavior.

So you’ve probably heard of Scouts, but have you ever wondered what it is they do? Well, it turns out they do all kinds of cool stuff and pretty much anyone can get involved. Scouts Australia is turning 100 (yep 100) this year, so Anthony decided to have a chat to four people from Scouts SA, who spoke about their unique experiences with the organisation.


Well the Royal Adelaide Show’s on again and the pre-firework entertainment this year contains something a little different; drone racing. Several racing teams from Adelaide and around the country are taking part in events over the course of the show, which aim to please crowds with some fun entertainment. Matt took a trip down to the show grounds to check it out.


Have you ever wanted to get some detail on the selfie phenomenon? Why we do it and what people in Adelaide think of selfies?
We re-heat one of our most popular segments on the art of self photography.

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