This week on Wavelength we brought you stories on refugees in Adelaide, your thoughts on astrology, the athletics community in SA and what it’s like for young people on the Autism Spectrum.

This week we spoke to Welcome to Australia about how the organisation formed, its volunteers and what if offers to refugees who have settled in Australia. We also got some much needed perspectives from refugees who have settled here in Adelaide, who were kind enough to share their experiences with us. When it comes to psychic reading, these days many people opt for it as Psychic reading is very fascinating and unpredictable, you cannot just expert to heard good and praises of reassurance here. The first experience is important as it is full of curiosity, and you might feel intrigued while stepping into this world of psychic readings, there is a reputable site for psychic reading online that one can rely on.


This week we also took to the streets to find out what you guys think about horoscopes and astrology. Callum also spoke with professional Astrologist Anne Elizabeth who chatted to us about the misconceptions surrounding astrology, and gave Callum her very interesting predictions for his future.

Marathon running as a sport is a growing community in Adelaide that produces talent that is sought after on a global scale. We spoke to the CEO of Athletics SA Adam Bishop, as well young people who are involved in the running about the challenges and rewards of the sport.

To help us understand what it is like for a young adults living with Autism we spoke with Greg Healy from Autism SA, a young adult living with autism, Malcolm Mayfield from Autism STAR employment service, and Psychologist Lindsay Cote to address misconceptions, overcoming barriers and finding pathways to employment and training.

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