This week on Wavelength the team investigated everything that was going on in, above and under Adelaide in every sense of the word. Take a listen to the snippets of the show to get the details of the team’s stories on: the hype surrounding Mt Lofty, the rise in popularity of pub quiz nights, the origins of trap music, and the underground Urbex community in Adelaide.

Jemma investigated the motives and benefits of climbing SA’s own Mt Lofty. She chatted to some personal trainers about the health benefits of the climb, as well as attempting the mountain herself.

For this week’s show, Zane researched the rising popularity of pub quiz nights, and how this alternative to traditional forms of night life is on the rise with young people in Adelaide.

We’ve all heard of trap, but do we really know where it came from and what it’s all about? Callum gave us all the details on the rise of trap music, and how it has rapidly grown and evolved over the last couple of years.

Trent quite literally went under the city of Adelaide to bring us this  story about urban exploring, otherwise known as Urbex. He also had a chat to some locals in the community to dissolve the mystery behind this urban pastime.

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