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This week on Wavelength we brought you stories on Carclew’s art Fellowships, inducing lucid dreaming, gender expectations at school and a recap of our latest Open House featuring Bag Raiders.

Carclew is a SA government organization that supports young people, aged 26 years or under, in developing their skills and connections in the arts industry. Jovanna interviewed Bethany Ashely Ward, Carclew’s funding coordinator, to find out about this year’s Fellowships which are worth between $3,000 and $12,000! Apply before 15 July 2016 here.

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Lucid dreaming is a sleep phenomenon where a person realises that they are dreaming, and can take control of what happens in their dream. Erin spoke with Adelaide Uni researcher Denholm Aspy about how you can learn to induce it. Libby told us how she has been practicing lucid dreaming to avoid the night terrors she used to experience.

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Historically, gender played an influential role in the development of single-sex school’s curriculum and the aesthetic of their compulsory school uniform. However, as society has become more contemporary, gender ‘rules’ in single-sex and co-educational schools have evolved, encouraging the development of gender equality in traditionally masculine and feminine subjects and school uniforms. Rachael spoke to a former student from a same-sex school, a teacher from a same-sex school and a teacher from a co-education school to find out their opinions and experiences on gender equality within their school setting.

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Our latest Open House featured the very talented Bag Raiders, who were in Adelaide to play a show at Rocket Rooftop and Bar. Caroline was on hand to interview the pair about everything music related, and this week we played a recap for anyone who missed out on the event.

Photo: Fresh 92.7

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