This week on Wavelength we brought you stories on mental health awareness week, the iconic AB, all the details on Asiafest and your stories on public displays of affection.

For Mental Health Awareness Week (2-10 October), Erin did a serious story focusing on the importance of raising awareness of mental health/illnesses; the stigma attached to mental health and the ways we, as a society, can remove it; and the organisations around Australia and, more importantly, Adelaide, that support people with mental illnesses. Erin spoke to Dr Stephen Carbone, the Policy, Research and Evaluation Leader at Beyondblue, a national mental health support service, about the ways Beyondblue supports those living with mental illness, and his own thoughts on the stigma surrounding it; and Katie, a young woman who gave Erin an insight into what it is like to live with mental health, how it affects relationships with family, and work, and her own opinions on the stigma surrounding and lack of education about mental health.

When it comes to iconic SA food… the AB has gotta be up there. It’s a mysterious, terrifying mass of food. Does anyone know where it came from? Or what AB stands for? And who thought it was a good idea to throw all of this stuff together? These are the questions that keep us awake at night. And it’s these questions which led us to send Vicki out to do an expose on the history and popularity of the AB.

Starting this Friday, Adelaide will be home to Asiafest. For ten whole days Rymil Park will be transformed into our own slice of Asia – showcasing entertainment, cultural experiences and of course food from Asian countries. And for us party goers the festival is also bringing Adelaide its very own Full Moon Party on October 10. Jemma had a look at why we should check it all out.

It’s Spring, and cuffing season is over. It’s warmer, brighter, there are new beginnings… and there’s gonna be a noticeable increase in people making out in public. So, this week we revisited a story we did back in April about public displays of affection – or, PDAs.

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