And we’re back! After a week off due to the Royal Show, Wavelength returned to talk about what goes into putting a rally together, the Producer’s Series, superfoods and Art After Dark.

It’s more than likely you’ve seen or heard about a rally or protest going down on the steps of Parliament House one Saturday afternoon, but just how much work goes into organising and executing one event? Jemma spoke to three rally organisers and had a look at what motivates them and how successful they are at creating real change.

ART AFTER DARK is a series of arts and culture events taking place in various venues every Thursday night in the West End prescient. Erin spoke to team behind the initiative to explain exactly what’s on offer and how you can get involved!

What exactly is a superfood? It’s a word thrown around regularly, with most of us not even fully understanding what it means. Allanah got the word on the street, and spoke to some experts about superfoods – Whether it is all just smart marketing or providing us health benefits beyond basic nutrition?

Finally, we took a look back at the Producer’s Series. We’re sure you’ve all heard about it by now – but just in case there is any part you’ve missed along the way, Zane is here with a recap of the journey!

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