The Fresh Studios had a makeover recently to celebrate 20 years of broadcasting thanks to Joel VDK and Red Bull.

Joel Van der Knaap, simply known as Joel VDK, is an Adelaide-based visual artist who specialises in comic-style illustration, with a heavy emphasis on a black and white palette featuring the occasional burst of colour.

Joel has been a practicing artist for 15 years, and explains that he’s drawn to black and white linework because “…it’s really complex but at the same time really simple, because [you’ve]… got the simplicity of black and white, but you’ve quite often got all this crazy linework going everywhere”

Joel says, “…from a real practical reason I’ve never played with colour too much, and any time I’ve added too much colour it kinda messed things up, so keep it black and white – keep it simple.”

In this video produced by Red Bull, Joel discusses his artistic process and his collaborations with Manchester-based music producer Mecca:83, and how they work together.

Check it out: