There aren’t many Australian electronic artists with a career trajectory as strong as SLUMBERJACK. In a few short years, the duo have asserted themselves as some of the most exciting producers in the country, touring festivals around the world and selling out their most recent Australian tour. They’re in a position that most bedroom producers dream of reaching, which makes them prime candidates for a Fresh Air Open House! Below, you can listen to the full conversation Morgan and Fletcher had with Fresh 92.7’s Wavelength host Zane Dean and a room full of young Adelaide producers and fans at Fat Controller.

The insightful and fun convo covered everything from SLUMBERJACK’s creative process, to how they navigated the tricky world of labels and management, to how they’ve pushed through the moments of their career that weren’t so great.

“You’ve got to go out and meet people, become involved, and give back to the scene before you expect the scene to give you benefit.”

We were privy to a pretty incredible story about how they ended up collaborating with Daniel Johns on ‘Open Fire’: turns out, sometimes all you have to do is ask. The young producers in the crowd had plenty of their own questions to ask too: how they balance their personal lives with their musical careers, how they put together their growing live show, and more.


If you’re creating your own music and you’re not sure how to take the next step, the full podcast is well worth listening to. Even if you’re just a fan of SLUMBERJACK, it’s a fascinating conversation with two guys who were more than happy to chat about anything and everything… including Vanessa Carlton, who legitimately came up at one point.

“’A Thousand Miles,’ as cheesy as it is, that piano line is crazy. It’s a hook! I remember not liking pop music, and then when I first heard it I was like, ‘this is good,’ because you got me.”

Huge thanks to SLUMBERJACK for giving up their pre-soundcheck time to have a chat to us, and to Fat Controller for setting this up! This was our first Fresh Air Open House of 2017, and we couldn’t have kicked it off in a better way. Stay tuned for our next Open House announcement, supported by Arts South Australia.

Fresh Air Open House is proudly supported by Arts South Australia and supports Adelaide as a UNESCO Creative City of Music.



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