Job Swap is a chance for you to put your money where your mouth is. Cam & Alex will spend a day doing your job – no matter what it is – and you’ll get the chance to host Breakfast with them on Fresh 92.7! As you can imagine, when you throw these two into an everyday working environment, you get some… well… mixed results.

They kicked things off by heading to First Things First Coffee. Cam was dreadful at most of the duties of a drive-through barista, but he did get a perk out of it! Also, the best moment is at the end of the video when someone asks Alex for a coffee with soy milk… it gets cringe:

Cam & Alex’s next adventure took them to the Fruchocs factory, where things got even cringier!

Finally, they swapped jobs with Rob from Clean Supreme SA… taking them right into a LITERAL PERSON’S HOME. Things got weird. Real weird.

They’re not too much better in a cafe kitchen either. Here’s what happened when we threw them behind the counter at Nano Ready 2 Go to kick off this whole Job Swap thing!

Job Swap exists thanks to the legends at Skill Hire.

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