It’s fair to say that nobody is perfect and we’re sure you’ll agree that musicians and artists are no exception (hell just go and ask U2, they’ll back us up). Well it’s almost certain to say then that, although we’re not haters , we have to admit that a mistake could have been made. We’re not exactly sure what local lad doing big things Uberjak’d was aiming to achieve, maybe it was just a bit of larf ahead of Australia Day on Monday or something but his latest track Ozzie (put together with the not entirely Aussie Amsterdam duo GLOWINTHEDARK) has not fared well at all. Based on the old Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi, Oi Oi chant but this time backed up with his trademark Bounce sound it was always going to be a hard sell but it’s had a rough time on social media and Soundcloud and Youtube links have disappeared rather quickly. You can still get it on Beatport here but we reckon you’ll probably give it a miss. Hopefully the master of Bounce will be back on form for his next release (fingers crossed).

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