Here at Fresh we like to tackle the hard topics, you know? Really dig deep and dissect some of life’s toughest dilemmas. This morning was no different. This morning we were talking hot food.

It all began with Davo’s mum, good old Irene, and her impatience when it comes to eating hot food. No matter how hot the meal may be, Irene will tackle it. Fresh out the oven? No worries. Steaming out the microwave? Let her at it. This struck a chord with Davo, one that she couldn’t let go. “Just wait for the food to cool down!” she would scold across the table at her poor mother, huffing and puffing, mouth burning, desperate to eat the delicious meal that lay before her. Davo just couldn’t believe that someone wouldn’t just wait a few minutes for the food to cool down before attempting to eat it. “What’s the rush?!”

Naturally, she took it to the Fresh Fam. Are you Team Wait or Team Push Through? Turns out you, the people of Adelaide, are a bunch of Irene’s, some of  who will go to extreme lengths to not have to wait for their food to cool and down and Davo couldn’t be more disappointed.

Listen to how it played out on air below:

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